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調ツー • shiratsū

Second-generation aggregator for shiragame 2.0 databases.

The Shiragame games database is available here.


shiratsu does not come with a binary release. You can download a source tarball and build from source, or install from cargo.

$ cargo install shiratsu


  1. Add your DATs to the unsorted folder. You may provide your own sortrules.yml as needed, or shiratsu will use its internal sorting rules. Sorting rules are provided as Unix-like globs.
    $ mkdir unsorted
    $ unzip "No-Intro Love Pack (Standard) (*).zip" -d unsorted
  2. Sort your DATs by running sort
    $ shiratsu sort
  3. Create the database
    $ shiratsu database.db
    This will write the database to file, and a log file that certifies the contents of the database.


This is a pure Rust application with no external compilation dependencies besides Cargo and rustc. Simply clone the repository, and run

cargo build