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CodeAlchemist is a JavaScript engine fuzzer that improves classic grammar-based JS engine fuzzers by a novel test case generation algorithm, called semantics-aware assembly. The details of the algorithm is in our paper, "CodeAlchemist: Semantics-Aware Code Generation to Find Vulnerabilities in JavaScript Engines", which appeared in NDSS 2019. This is a stable version of CodeAlchemist and it currently supports ChakraCore, V8, SpiderMonkey, and JavaScriptCore.


CodeAlchemist currently works on only Linux and we tested on Ubuntu 18.04.

  1. Install dependencies (build-essential, nodejs, npm, esprima, dotnet)
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install build-essential
$ sudo apt install nodejs npm
$ npm i esprima@4.0.1

Installation for dotnet depends on OS version, so please refer this link.

  1. Clone and build CodeAlchemist
$ git clone
$ cd CodeAlchemist
$ make


  1. Prepare to start

Prepare JS seed files, a configuration file, and the requirements in the configuration. Please refer conf/ for writing the configuration file.

  1. Preprocess JS seed files
$ dotnet bin/Main.dll rewrite <conf ABSPATH>
$ dotnet bin/Main.dll instrument <conf ABSPATH>
  1. Run fuzzing process
$ dotnet bin/Main.dll fuzz <conf ABSPATH>

There are four optional parameters for our JS code generation algorithm.

  • iMax (default: 8): The maximum number of iterations of the generation algorithm.
  • pBlk (default: 16): The probability of reinventing block statements.
  • iBlk (default: 3): The maximum number of iteration for generating a block statement.
  • dMax (default: 3): The maximum nesting level for a reassembling block statement.

You can specify parameters with following commands.

$ dotnet bin/Main.dll fuzz <conf ABSPATH> --iMax 8 --pBlk 16 --iBlk 3 --dMax 3

CVEs (Credits)

If you find bugs and get CVEs by running CodeAlchemist, please let us know by sending a PR for ./docs/

  • JavaScriptCore: CVE-2018-4464, CVE-2018-4437, CVE-2018-4378, CVE-2018-4372


This research project has been conducted by SoftSec Lab at KAIST.


If you plan to use CodeAlchemist in your own research. Please consider citing our paper:

  author = {HyungSeok Han and DongHyeon Oh and Sang Kil Cha},
  title = {{CodeAlchemist}: Semantics-Aware Code Generation to Find Vulnerabilities in JavaScript Engines},
  booktitle = ndss,
  year = 2019


CodeAlchemist: Semantics-Aware Code Generation to Find Vulnerabilities in JavaScript Engines (NDSS '19)








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