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Solace Labs

Solace Labs offers community supported, open source projects. These projects offer integration with, and ways to use, Solace products.

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  1. covid19-stream-processors covid19-stream-processors Public archive

    Stream Information & Example Applications for Processing JHU and COVID-19 data available as streams over Solace

    Java 36 13

  2. solace-single-docker-compose solace-single-docker-compose Public

    Set up single Solace PubSub+ Docker container using Docker Compose

    17 17

  3. solace-integration-guides solace-integration-guides Public

    Java 16 15

  4. event-discovery-agent event-discovery-agent Public

    Discover event streams flowing through a broker.

    Java 15 6

  5. solace-ha-docker-compose solace-ha-docker-compose Public

    Configure High-availability Groups Using Docker Compose

    Perl 7 7

  6. mqtt-3.1.1-test mqtt-3.1.1-test Public

    Example showing function of Paho 3.1.1 Java API 1.2.0

    Java 6 3


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