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A mod for OpenXCom Extended
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A mod for OpenXCom Extended

DISCLAIMER: This is a test/beta version. To download the release version, go here:

WARNING: Requires latest OXCE+ build!


  • This mod lets you start the game much earlier than the original game. You begin as the head of an FBI-esque investigation bureau, tasked with checking all sorts of supernatural events around the globe. Track strange monsters, investigate evil cults, build up your strength to be ready for the alien invasion which starts in 1999!
  • Therefore The X-Com Files is a borderline case between a total conversion mod and a normal expansion: it has everything the original does, but it has so much new content that you won't be seeing the original one all that much, especially in early stages. It also has everything the Final Mod Pack had, albeit some things work a bit differently.


  • This mod is in a way the next generation of the Final Mod Pack. I wanted to keep the FMP in line with the original game feel, so the changes were limited in many ways. In The X-Com Files, I allowed myself much more freedom in all possible ways. This allowed me to make a game that plays completely differently and gives you a more varied experience.
  • Also, this mod is something I wanted to play since the 90's. Go figure.

HOW DO I PROVIDE FEEDBACK? Please post any feedback - bug reports, thanks, criticisms, requests for enhancements and the like - on the following thread:,4595.0.html

IS THIS MOD FOR EVERYONE? This mod is aimed at the more experienced players, as it is pretty difficult at times. However, tactical flexibility is more crucial than experience.

IS THIS MOD COMPLETE? Hell no. It is being developed in "arcs" or "seasons", like a TV series: new content is released periodically, more or less as a continuation of the already released material. Each "arc" will usually contain the entire story regarding some particular faction.

ANY KNOWN BUGS? Currently, no.

IS THIS MOD COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER MODS? No. Or, technically, yes, but it is so different from the original game that any additional mods should probably be made or adjusted specifically for X-Com Files. (This includes vanilla mods!)

ANY TIPS ON HOW TO PLAY? Start with Logistics: it'll expand your away team from 2 to the whopping 4. Also get Personal Protection early to get the basic kevlar vest, it makes a big difference against small arms. Train your agents in the Gym. Choose your weapons well. Sometimes defence is the best offence. When overwhelmed, don't hesitate to run away. Firing rifles one-handed will cost you some teeth. Chupacabras will f*ck you up.

WHAT LANGUAGES ARE SUPPORTED? Currently available languages are: US English, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Czech and Polish. These languages are over 90% complete.

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