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Matmos is a sound atmosphere generator built for Minecraft. Whenever you join a multiplayer server or single-player world, Matmos will search your surroundings and generates a soundscape of natural noises to match. Find yourself in deep, dark cave under miles of rock? Expect water drops echoing in the darkness, or the distant rumble of stone sliding down an old shaft.

Exploring the forest? Let the sound of birds chirping and singing join you on your leasurely stroll, or have the sounds of wolves howling and panting as they chase you in the light of the full moon.

Wind gusts will buffet your ears on the tops of the highest mountains, and the chill frosted chattering of your own teeth will remind you: you're probably going to die out here.

This is Matmos! This fill out that perpetual silence of Minecraft.

License All mods are under WTFPLv2 unless noted otherwise. Redistribute/Modify at will.

No need to ask permission for use of my mod in mod packs, I won't reply. The answer is yes you are allowed to use it, and I don't care where!


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