Testing Rails

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You can setup fixtures like this:

  email: whatever@whatever.com
  salt: <%= salt = "asdasdastr4325234324sdfds" %>
  crypted_password: <%= Sorcery::CryptoProviders::BCrypt.encrypt("secret", salt) %>
  activation_state: active


For simple out of the box testing:

class TeamsControllerTest < ActionController::TestCase
  include Sorcery::TestHelpers::Rails::Integration
  include Sorcery::TestHelpers::Rails::Controller

  setup do
    @team = teams(:one)
    @user = users(:one)

    login_user(user = @user, route = login_url)  # replace with your login url path

  test "should get index" do
    get :index
    assert_response :success
    assert_not_nil assigns(:teams)

Functional Tests

In your test/spec helper make sure to include:

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.include Sorcery::TestHelpers::Rails::Controller, type: :controller
  config.include Sorcery::TestHelpers::Rails::Integration, type: :feature

And now you can use the following helpers:

login_user(user = nil) # by default looks for @user

See the example app for a working example.

Feature Tests w/ Rack::Tests

In spec/support/authentication.rb

module AuthenticationForFeatureRequest
  def login user, password = 'login'
    user.update_attributes password: password

    page.driver.post sessions_url, {email: user.email, password: password}
    visit root_url

Note that you need to update password with update_attributes or update_attributes!, not with update_attribute because generating salt and encrypting password are triggered by before_validation since v0.9.0 but update_attribute skips validations.

In spec/spec_helper.rb

RSpec.configure do |config|
  # ...
  config.include AuthenticationForFeatureRequest, type: :feature
  # ...

In spec/features/your_feature_spec.rb

feature 'Your Feature' do
  let(:user) { Fabricate :user }
  scenario 'Your Scenario' do
    login user

Feature Tests w/ Selenium or Webkit

Please add working examples if you got any. The Rack::Test solution doesn't work since page.driver.post is not available.

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