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This VST Plugin addresses the need for the automation of SoundScapeRenderer (SSR) scenes from a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The SSRemote VST plugin was developed for Linux and tested with the Ardour DAW. Since the Plugin was developed in the light of cross-platform compatibility it might also run under other Operating Systems (OS) and DAWs.

Since this is a experimental open source project, any contributions are very much welcome!


Please read the installation guide.


Environment Variables

Please set the environment variables as follows, since the following environment variables are not only needed for compilation but also at runtime:

The directory/location of the Steinberg VST3 SDK:

# Steinberg VST3 Audio Plug-Ins SDK
export VST3_SDK=/path/to/VST3SDK

The directory/location of the SSRemote VST:

# SSRemote VST
export SSREMOTE_VST=/path/to/ssremote_vst

The directory/location of the JUCE Framework located in the SSRemote VST:

# SSRemote VST JUCE Framework

XML Configuration File

The VST Plugin requires a config file to successfully establish a TCP/IP connection to the SSR. The user has to create a file called ssremote_config.xml with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Markup Description
network the network configuration
host the host on which the SSR is running
port the port on which the SSR is listening for incoming TCP/IP requests
timeout the time in milliseconds the VST Plugin waits for an answer by the SSR

The contents of the markups host, port and timeout are just examples which the user may edit regarding his systems and SSR configuration.

General Information

Running the VST Plugin

To remotly control the SSR scene from the Plugin the user has to do the following:

  1. Start the JACK Audio Connection Kit
  2. Start the SSR and load a scene
  3. Start the DAW and load the SSRemote VST Plugin

Description of the GUI

The VST Plugins GUI is generally splitted in two sections. The General Controls section and the Source Controls section.

General Controls

Name GUI Element Description
Connect Button connects or disconnects the connection to the SSR
New Source Button creates a new source with default values for the parameters

Source Controls

Name GUI Element Description
Source Dropdown select a source for manipulation
Name Textfield read and writeable textfield for the name of the source
Jackport Dropdown select the jackport the source shall connect to
Model Dropdown select the type of model of the source
Azimuth Textfield readable only textfield for displaying the sources orientation
Mute Button mutes and unmutes the source
Fix Button fix and unfix the source position
Gain Slider adjust the gain of the source in dB
Source Control Pad 2D Pad displayes the sources position
Zoom Buttons zooms in and out the Source Control Pad
Scale Reference - displays a scale reference in meter for the Source Control Pad
X Position Slider controller for the X position of the source
Y Position Slider controller for the Y position of the source

Automatable Parameters

The Host (DAW) is able to automate the following parameters:

  • X Position
  • Y Position
  • Gain
  • Mute
  • Model
  • Fixed


The Plug-In logs will be written to the file log.txt, located in the root directory.
The logs will look as follows:

[YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS] [<LOGTYPE>] <Log text>


Version 3, 29 June 2007

Copyright © 2015
Quality and Usability Lab Berlin Institute of Technology

For more detailed information, please read the license.txt in the root directory.


VST Plugin for automation of SSR scenes




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