Lift module to plug AWS SNS into your lift application.
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AWS SNS Lift Module

Provides a wrapper around the Amazon Web Service Simple Notification Service.

Using this module

  1. Include this dependency:

      // For Lift 2.5.x (Scala 2.9 and 2.10):
      "net.liftmodules" %% "aws-sns_2.5" % "1.0.2"
      // For Lift 2.6.x (Scala 2.10 and 2.11):
      "net.liftmodules" %% "aws-sns_2.6" % "1.1.0"
      // For Lift 3.0 (Scala 2.11):
      "net.liftmodules" %% "aws-sns_3.0" % "1.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
  2. Configure your connection:

    You need to supply:

    • AWS access key and secret.
    • the topic ARN you have configured in the AWS management console, and region.
    • the path in your Lift app you want to register for receiving notifications.
    • the public host port and protocol of your Lift app.

    In Boot.scala:

     val config = SNSConfig(
      AWSCreds("accessKey", "secret"),
      "sns" :: Nil,
  3. Register a handler and initialise in Boot.scala:

    val sns = SNS(config) {
       case s => println(s"GOT $s")

Your handler function will be passed the Message field value from the JSON suppled by SNS.

  1. Publish notifications:

    sns ! Publish("my message")


Uses SBT 0.13

If you need to set the jetty port in SBT:

In your build.sbt:

port in container.Configuration := 9090

Or temporarily from the shell:

sbt> port in container.Configuration := 9090

Creating restricted AWS credentials

Yeah, you should definitely do that, rather than use your AWS account login.