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SpiritCroc Version 1.8 (9)
Change-Id: I0db4447841006a762f6cf9ee5c29ff906f495137
Latest commit d0f348a Nov 17, 2019
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app Version 1.8 (9) Nov 17, 2019
generate_about More descriptive substratum-missing message Aug 6, 2019
generate_type3 notifications: non-transparent secondary text color light Nov 6, 2018
generate_wallpapers Add some more wallpapers + accent generation script Oct 8, 2018
gradle/wrapper Update dependencies May 1, 2019
store Add corner style variant: sharp or rounded Mar 25, 2019
wallpapers Add some user requested accents Nov 17, 2019
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LICENSE Add F-Droid badge Nov 28, 2018
build.gradle Revert "properties : Fix template build for Linux" Mar 11, 2018
gradlew Gradle: Update to alpha9 and 4.1-rc-1 wrapper also make gradlew execu… Aug 10, 2017
gradlew.bat Initial commit Jul 27, 2016
settings.gradle N-Release: Remove redundant substrate call May 5, 2017

DarkCroc Android Theme

A dark theme targeting Android 9.0 or higher, freely adapting the default material dark colors.

For information on supported platforms, available variants and how to report bugs, see here.

The new Default Dark

Consider this as the successor of my Default Dark theme series.

With the release of Android 9.0, I wanted to do a fresh start for following reasons:

  • It became increasingly difficult to keep support for old platforms (Default Dark was initially created for Android 5 / Lollipop), as Substratum doesn't allow a smart overlay selection based on Android version, so I had to provide variants for user selection (ugh, user interaction required!) per app (ugh, more user interaction required!)
  • Without the ambition to create a "default" dark theme, I'm more free in theming decisions
  • I no longer feel the need to recreate the default Android look in dark (read: I don't really like the Android Pie look)
  • Many custom ROMs now have dark themes already included, so there's not that much of a need for a "default" dark theme (except maybe stock ROM users, which I was never actually targetting with my themes)


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