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🚧 Under Heavy Construction 🚧

This project is undergoing a complete rewrite. We're almost there.

For the legacy VS Code extension known as Data-pack Helper Plus, check out


Spyglass aims at improving users' editing experience of Minecraft data packs by providing IntelliSense features like real-time error reporting, auto-completion, semantic coloring, code navigation tools, and refactor utilities.

Sample image is from the legacy version of the project


WIP at


  1.  $ git clone
  2. Install Node.js LTS.
  3.  $ npm i && npm run build

If you're using VS Code to develop Spyglass:

  • Install the recommended ESLint extension. Make a copy of .vscode/settings.template.json and rename it to .vscode/settings.json. Now your VS Code should automatically fix all linting errors every time you save the file.
  • Press F5 to run the VS Code extension in development environment. VS Code will automatically compile all packages and build the extension file in watch mode.

Or if you prefer the command line interface:

  • npm run build to build all packages.
  • npm run watch to watch changes and build all packages.
  • npm run clean to remove all js output. Use this when there seem to be caching issues with TypeScript's compiler.
  • npm test to test all packages.
  • npm run lint to check linting errors.
  • npm run lint:fix to fix all auto-fixable linting errors.
  • npm run commit to run the [gitmoji CLI][gitmoji]. You actually don't have to worry about commit message as long as you're creating PR, as I can always change it.

Please refrain from using mocha --watch, as it might interface with and break the snapshot testing.

Code style

Tabs for indents, spaces for alignment. Except do not align things because the available tooling is unfortunately terrible.

Test docs locally

  1. Install Jekyll according to its documentation.
  2. Run npm run docs:start to start a local preview at localhost:4000.


The original Spyglass logo was provided by BlackNight0315. The current logo is provided by asd988.