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What is Squidex??

Squidex is an open source headless CMS and content management hub. In contrast to a traditional CMS Squidex provides a rich API with OData filter and Swagger definitions. It is up to you to build your UI on top of it. It can be website, a native app or just another server. We build it with ASP.NET Core and CQRS and is tested for Windows and Linux on modern browsers.

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Read the docs at https://docs.squidex.io/ (work in progress) or just check out the code and play around.

How to make feature requests or report bugs?

Please join our community forum: https://support.squidex.io


Current Version 1.11.0. Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/KakM4F3S/squidex-roadmap



Core Team and Founders



Please create issues to report bugs, suggest new functionalities, ask questions or just share your thoughts about the project. We will really appreciate your contribution, thanks.

Cloud Version

Although Squidex is free we are also working on a Saas version on https://cloud.squidex.io (More information coming soon). We have also have plans to sell a premium version with first class support and some exlusive features. But don't be afraid, our first priority is to deliver a state of the art, stable, fast and free content management hub to make the life for developers a little bit easier.


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