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Game made for Ludum Dare #31: "Entire Game on One Screen"
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- "Screen Cutter" by Squirrel -

Hey! This game was made for Ludum Dare #31, with the theme "Entire Game on One Screen".

Screen Cutter is a platformer where you can cut and paste pieces of the screen where you exist to reach new places. I decided to take the part of "One Screen" literally, trying to use it as part of the platforming mechanics. There are 6 levels in the game and it includes a few instructions. 

"In Screen Cutter you take control of a small ball living insider a computer screen. To advance to the next level, you need to reach the goal flag. To do this, you have the ability to cut and paste parts of the computer screen you live in. Since these parts are solid, they can be used to reach new places. But be careful! If you fall off from your screen, you will have to start all over again!"

Comments: It's a very simple game, but I hope you enjoy it! I cleaned up the code a bit and it has a bunch of comments, but there's some really messy stuff in there. Still some of it may be useful.

Controls:  Use the arrows to move left and right, and up or Space to jump. Use the mouse to cut/paste parts of the screen.

Tools used:
- This game uses Phaser 2.2.1, which can be downloaded from
- The music was made using Otomata (
- The sound effects were made using Bfxr (

The source and all assets are available at

The game can be played at
The Ludum Dare entry is at

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