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  1. bloggy bloggy Public

    Open source codebase for blog. It is built using Python and Django framework.

    Python 18 6

  2. spring-boot-tutorials spring-boot-tutorials Public

    Spring boot tutorials, examples covering from basics to advance concepts. Maintained by @nilandev

    Java 5 3

  3. android-ui-tutorials android-ui-tutorials Public

    List of basic Android tutorials as published on

    Java 233 951

  4. advance-android-tutorials advance-android-tutorials Public

    List of Advance Android tutorials as published on

    Java 350 1.1k

  5. taglayout-viewgroup taglayout-viewgroup Public

    Create custom TagLayout manager class to display the list of tags similar to StackoverFlow.

    Java 18 8

  6. custom-calendar-view custom-calendar-view Public

    The CustomCalendarView provides an easy and customizable calendar to create a Calendar. It dispaly the days of a month in a grid layout and allows to navigate between months

    Java 122 77


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