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Refactored, moved everything to one shell script.

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1 parent 3f82fc2 commit 04145090cc25567b3bcca1062d4fc9edd961be90 @shsu shsu committed Sep 27, 2012
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@@ -1,13 +1,27 @@
#echo "This scripts does Stackato setup related to filesystem."
if [ -s "$STACKATO_FILESYSTEM"/configuration.php ]
echo "Configuration file exists. Removing installation folder..."
rm -rf installation/
echo "Configuration file not found. Creating..."
touch "$STACKATO_FILESYSTEM"/configuration.php
+ # create folders in the shared filesystem
+ mkdir -p $FS/images
-echo "Cleaning up..."
+echo "Migrating data to shared filesystem..."
+cp -r images/* $FS/images
+echo "Symlink to files in shared filesystem..."
+rm -f configuration.php
ln -s "$STACKATO_FILESYSTEM"/configuration.php configuration.php
+echo "Symlink to folders in shared filesystem..."
+rm -fr images
+ln -s $FS/images images
echo "All Done!"

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