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administrator Some category status not filterable in Articles Manager.
bin Backport Possible missing break in bin\keychain.php at line 77? to th…
build Replace joomla_black, remove other unused graphics
cache put back the index.html in the cache folder
cli Updating copyright to 2015
components Replaced <i> with <span> tags Fixes #6467
images Replace joomla_black, remove other unused graphics
includes Reset for development
installation Merge pull request #6528 from mbabker/installMinimumPhpString
language Merge pull request #6867 from brianteeman/required
layouts Merge pull request #6961 from bertmert/patch-11
libraries Merge pull request #3093 from orware/patch-1
logs [#23165] Make index.html's valid
media Accessibility fixes for ISIS sidebar and form field labels
modules Replaced <i> with <span> tags Fixes #6467
plugins Introduces rel="alternate" for the active language.
templates Merge pull request #6447 from mbabker/UpdatedGraphics
tests Merge pull request #4886 from aDaneInSpain/patch-7
tmp [#23165] Make index.html's valid
.gitignore Ignore Tester codeception files
.travis.yml Install test dependencies through Composer [imp] Update Closes #4915
LICENSE.txt Revert the license text to the original GPL text as distributed by th… Merge pull request #6236 from PhilETaylor/patch-1
README.txt Merge pull request #6236 from PhilETaylor/patch-1
build.xml Updating phpDoc builder for 3.4
composer.json Add missing dependency to composer
composer.lock Update Registry and Utilities packages
htaccess.txt Updating copyright to 2015
index.php Define the minimum supported PHP version as a constant
phpunit.xml.dist Backport JHttp tests from Platform repo, add Apache config to repo to…
robots.txt.dist Update robots.txt.dist
travisci-phpunit.xml Backport JHttp tests from Platform repo, add Apache config to repo to…
web.config.txt Update web.config.txt

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What is this?

What is Joomla?

  • Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications.
  • It is a simple and powerful web server application which requires a server with PHP and either MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server to run. You can find more details here.
  • Joomla is free and OpenSource software distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

Is Joomla! for you?

How to find a Joomla! translation?

  • Repository of accredited language packs.
  • You can also add languages directly to your website via your Joomla! administration panel.

Learn Joomla!

What are the benefits of Joomla?

  • The functionality of a Joomla website can be extended by installing extensions that you can create (or download) to suit your needs.
  • There are many ready-made extensions that you can download and install.
  • Check out the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED).

Is it easy to change the layout display?

  • The layout is controlled by templates that you can edit.
  • There are a lot of ready-made professional templates that you can download.
  • Template management information is available here.

Ready to install Joomla?

Updates are free!

Where can you get support and help?

Do you already have a Joomla site that isn't built with Joomla 3.x?

Do you want to improve Joomla?


  • Copyright (C) 2005 - 2015 Open Source Matters. All rights reserved.
  • Special Thanks
  • Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later
  • See License details
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