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The Gist

Static Web is not your daddys CMS. It's a CMS that is totally static. Which means it's lightning fast in delivery. It differs from other static site generators like jekyll in that it has a dynamic admin system like wordpress or other web based CMS-systems.

Static Web is designed to be hosted either on Dropbox, Github or any other non-localStorage storage provider supported by https://github.com/freightCrane/freightCrane. The key importance in those storage providers is the ability to have permissions and writing over an oAuth-based API. Github have full feature support since they also have Github Pages which allow the pages to be served on the internet.


If you have a github account, setup takes roughly 2 minutes and is totally free.

Either use the online installer(TODO in issue #6) or clone this repo into an existing web server such as apache or nginx.

Configuration Options

There's a lot of configuration options.

Browser Support

We aim to be compatible with these browsers. However we do not actively test our code in other browsers than Chrome, Firefox and sometimes IE/Edge. Bugs will be only accepted if they fall within the below stated browser support range.

Client Web Interface

  • Should not need javascript out of the box.
  • All browsers should be supported out of the box.

Administration Web Interface

  • Requires JS.
  • IE 11 or greater.
  • Edge/Safari/Firefox/Chrome CurrentVersion - 1.
  • Opera 39 or later.
  • Android Browser: NO.
  • Chrome for Android: 52 or greater.
  • Other: Latest, but not tested, will try to fix bugs.


MIT License