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SGDK - A free and open development kit for the Sega Megadrive
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SGDK 1.4 (mai 2019)
Copyright 2019 Stephane Dallongeville

SGDK is a free and open development kit for the Sega Megadrive.
It contains the development library itself (with the code sources) and some custom tools used to compile resources.
SGDK uses the GCC compiler (m68k-elf target) and the libgcc to generate ROM image. Binaries (GCC 6.3) are provided for Windows OS for convenience but you need to install it by yourself for others operating systems.
Note that SGDK also requires Java (custom tools need it) so you need to have Java JRE installed on your system:

SGDK library and custom tools are distributed under the MIT license (see license.txt file).
GCC compiler and libgcc are under GNU license (GPL3) and any software build from it (as the SGDK library) is under the GCC runtime library exception license (see COPYING.RUNTIME file)


You can find installation instructions and basic tutorials about how use SGDK on this page:

WARNING: tutorials available in wiki pages are unfortunately terribly outdated :-/
Sorry for that, i plan to update them in future but in the meantime i strongly suggest you to have a look on the available samples instead in the 'sample' directory of SGDK. The 'sprite' example is particularly useful as it show the basics in a small example.

You can also use the SGDK library doxygen documentation in the 'doc' directory: doc/html/files.html


If you need help or support with SGDK, you can go to the Spritesmind forum which is dedicated to Sega Megadrive development and has a specific section for SGDK:

You can also join the SGDK Discord server to get support:


Unix/Linux users should give a try to the Gendev project from Kubilus:
It allows to quickly setup SGDK on a Unix environment.

MacOSX users also have access to SGDK with Gendev for MacOS from Sonic3D:

There is also the new and nice solution proposed by Daniel Valdivieso tu use SGDK under any OS using Wine:


- Chilly Willy for making almost all the JOY / controller support in SGDK (and the joy test sample ^^).
- Astrofa for the starfield donut sample ;)
- LIZARDRIVE for making the new SGDK logo.
- Vladimir Kryvian for Visual Studio support and template.
- Tusario for resource manager tools.
- clbr for various contributions.
- jgyllinsky for providing / improving build batches.
- nolddor for fixes / contributions.
- starling13 for fixes.
- all those i forgot and generally all people helping by providing support, reporting bugs and supporting SGDK in any way !


SGDK is completly free but you can now support it on Patreon or using the Paypal donation link.

Paypal donation link:

Thanks =) I wish you a great and happy coding time
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