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A split-screen multiplayer game engine and a collection of games that use it.
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Split-Screen FPS Games

A 1-4 player split-screen multiplayer games.

Gameplay video:

This codebase contains various game modes that all use the same framework, and I work on whichever one interests me at any moment in time (or sometimes start work on a new one). When the game starts, you will begin in the "overworld". To start a particular game mode, walk into the area that denotes that mode.

Currently, the following games are at various stages of progress:

  • 3D Monster maze: escape from the maze. Status Complete
  • Alien Tag: Don't be the player who's been tagged the longest. Status: Complete
  • Tower Defence: Build turrets to shoot the aliens. Status: Can walk around and place turrets.
  • Funny Farm: Grow and harvest crops. Status: You can walk around an empty field
  • FTL: An FTL-inspsired 3D game. Status: You can walk around a spaceship
  • Deathchase: Crash into other players. Status: You can drive
  • Bladerunner: Identify and kill the replicant. Status: Barely started
  • Stock car: Race around a track. Status: You can drive
  • Dungeon: A 3D Roguelike. Status: You can walk around a basic procedurally-generated dungeon.


  • Press Space at the start to use keyboard/mouse, or press X on your controller to use that.
  • Esc to exit back to the overworld, or to quit out.

It depends on the specific game selected, but controls are typically:-

  • W, A S, D, Space and Enter for keyboard & mouse player. H for Help (where implemented).
  • Tested with PS4 controllers.
  • F1 - Toggle full Screen
  • F2 - Toggle full screen but still windowed (required if you want to record the screen using Windows)

Notes for other Developers

  • Development branch is the cutting edge but possibly broken branch. Master is the most stable but out of date.
  • Gradle is a real pain to work with. However, if you have trouble loading this project, I used Gradle v4.10.3.
  • The file contains various settings that determine what game mode the game starts in.


This project uses the MIT licence. See LICENCE.txt.


Assets Credits

3D Monster Maze

Alien Tag


Funny Farm


  • Alien by Quaternius
  • Spaceship furniture by Kenney (
  • Battery by [TODO]

Tower Defence

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