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Alternative User Interface

Includes voicecommand, download, playvideo, and textcommand scripts

This requires:

  • boost
  • curl
  • xterm
  • espeak
  • some other things

To install the dependencies, run:

sudo apt-get install -y libboost-dev libboost-regex-dev youtube-dl axel curl xterm libcurl4-gnutls-dev mpg123 flac sox

To install PiAUISuite:

git clone
cd PiAUISuite/Install

It will:

  • ask if you want to install the dependencies
  • to install each script

Different Parts

Name Purpose Blogpost
playvideo finds and plays videos Here
downloader find and downloads the best torrent Here
gvapi checks, sends, and deletes SMS messages Here
gtextcommand checks for sms messages every minute and runs commands from them Here
youtube streams youtube In browser and on Pi
youtube-safe streams other video files Hulu and Vimeo and others
voicecommand run voice commands Here and here



Steven Hickson