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spawningtool is tools for analyzing StarCraft 2 Replays. It uses the data parsed by sc2reader to make data available in a more human-digestable format.

Currently, spawningtool offers a basic parser for extracting build orders from replays. Our goal is to incorporate more sophisticated techniques from Artificial Intelligence to understand and classify these build orders.


From PyPi (stable but often out of date for the latest patch)

pip install spawningtool

From GitHub (less stable but recommended)

pip install -e git+git://

Note that master usually requires sc2reader master, not the latest versioned release, so you will need to grab sc2reader from GitHub as well. Although it is less stable, it is recommended because the latest versions of both spawningtool and sc2reader are necessary to parse the most recent patches of StarCraft 2


To execute it directly from the command line

python -m spawningtool PATH/TO/REPLAY

To execute it from within python

import spawningtool.parser

For more notes, see the GitHub wiki


Please submit any issues you encounter to the GitHub project. You're also welcome to email Kevin directly at

Thanks To

  • @dsjoerg for many contributions to sc2reader and replay parsing as a whole through his work at ggtracker
  • @hahnicity for all of the code cleanup. Previously, spawningtool was just a script. Thanks to his help, the code is actually readable and packaged for others to use and improve
  • @GraylinKim for lots of support. Even before the project switched over to using sc2reader, he offered advice and tips on getting this project off the ground.