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Quirk is a toy quantum circuit simulator, intended to help people in learning about quantum computing.

If you want to quickly explore the behavior of a small quantum circuit, Quirk is the tool for you. There's no installing or configuring or scripting: just go to, drag gates onto the circuit, and the output displays will update in real time.

(If you're still trying to understand what a quantum circuit even is, then I recommend the video series Quantum Computing for the Determined. Quirk assumes you already know background facts like "each wire represents a qubit".)

Defining features:

  • Runs in web browsers.
  • Drag-and-drop circuit editing.
  • Reacts, simulates, and animates in real time.
  • Inline state displays.
  • Bookmarkable / linkable circuits.
  • Up to 16 qubits.

Notable limitations:

Try it out:


Basic usage demo:


Grover search circuit with chance and sample displays (showing that the chance of success increases):

Grover search

Quantum teleportation circuit with Bloch sphere displays (showing that the qubit at the top has ended up at the bottom):

Quantum teleportation


If you want to modify Quirk, this is how you get the code and turn your changes into working html/javascript.

  1. Have git and Node.js installed.

    sudo add-apt-repository universe

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install --yes git npm nodejs-legacy

  2. Clone the repository.

    git clone

  3. Install the dev dependencies.

    cd Quirk

    npm install

  4. (Optional) Make your changes. Run the tests.

    npm run test-firefox

  5. Build the output.

    npm run build

  6. Confirm the output works by opening out/quirk.html with a web browser.

    firefox out/quirk.html

  7. Copy out/quirk.html to wherever you want.


Quirk is not an official Google product.

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