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tcNickolas commented Oct 1, 2019

Several katas could have better error messaging:

  • Superposition : the test harness could log the actual state of the system after prep vs the expected state before asserting that they are the same (the change would add state prep and logging using DumpMachine to AssertEqualOnZeroState)
  • BasicGates : a similar improvement, but a bit more extra code to write a unified test wrapper
tanujkhattar commented Nov 16, 2021

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Heatmaps are often useful to visualize error metrics for qubits and couplers on the google devices. When selecting a subset of qubits to run an experiment on; it's useful to consult heatmaps of error metrics. We should add an option to the cirq.Heatmap and `cirq.TwoQubitInter

obriente commented Jul 30, 2020

To get this codebase up to standard, we need to add type hints. At the very least, perhaps we should start insisting that all new code has type hints added, but moreover we need to add typing to the code that currently exists.

This is a pretty large project, but luckily it can be done incrementally - I believe at this point it's a stretch goal for v1, if anyone wants to help it would be much ap

glassnotes commented Nov 25, 2021

Feature details

Due to the similarity, it is easy to confuse qml.X and qml.PauliX, especially since other methods of specifying circuits, e.g., QASM, use x for PauliX. But if a user uses qml.X in their circuit on a qubit device, nothing happens to inform them that the incorrect operation is being used:

def circ():
1ucian0 commented Nov 25, 2021

Describe the issue

The code example in still uses qiskit-aqua, which is being deprecated and it is going to be removed from Qiskit soon (maybe in the next release?):

from qiskit.aqua.algorithms import VQE, NumPyEigensolver
from qiskit.aqua.components.optimizers import COBYLA, SPSA, SLSQP
from qiskit.aqua.opera

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