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:octocat: GitHub Dark as a userscript

GitHub Dark Script tag devdeps

GitHub Dark in userscript form, with a settings panel

This script loads and applies the GitHub Dark

  • An options panel allows you to change settings on-the-fly without the need to reinstall.
  • Adds a code wrap toggle button to every code block.
  • Adds a monospace font toggle to comment textareas.
  • Adds a diff file view toggle to collapse or expand blocks.



github-dark script settings panel

Using the Script

Main Script

  • Open GitHub Dark setting panel
    • Click on avatar & choose "GitHub Dark Settings", or
    • Press g, then 0 (zero) within one second of each other.
  • Toggle GitHub Dark style
    • Use the "Enable GitHub-Dark" checkbox within the settings panel, or
    • Press g, then - (minus sign) within one second of each other.
  • For more details on other settings, see the Home wiki page.


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