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GitHub userscripts tag Mentioned in Awesome Userscripts

Userscripts to add functionality to GitHub.


  1. Make sure you have user scripts enabled in your browser (these instructions refer to the latest versions of the browser):

  2. Get information or install:

    • Learn more about the userscript by clicking on the named link. You will be taken to the specific wiki page.
    • Install a script directly from GitHub by clicking on the "install" link in the table below.
    • Install a script from GreasyFork (GF) from the userscript site page
    • Or, install the scripts from OpenUserJS (OU).

    Userscript Wiki Direct
    Sites Created Updated
    GitHub code colors install GF OU 2016.03.20 2019.07.31
    GitHub code folding install GF OU 2016.12.28 2020.05.12
    GitHub code guides install GF OU 2016.08.27 2020.07.11
    GitHub code show whitespace install GF OU 2017.03.26 2019.07.02
    GitHub collapse in comment * install GF OU 2016.06.27 2019.02.16
    GitHub collapse markdown * install GF OU 2016.06.27 2019.03.29
    GitHub copy code snippet install GF OU 2018.01.12 2020.07.23
    GitHub custom hotkeys install GF OU 2016.04.10 2020.08.10
    GitHub custom navigation install GF OU 2016.06.22 2020.05.10
    GitHub diff filename install GF OU 2017.08.27 2019.02.16
    GitHub diff files filter install GF OU 2016.12.31 2020.07.11
    GitHub diff links install GF OU 2016.07.21 2019.04.28
    GitHub download zip install GF OU 2018.10.22 2020.03.27
    GitHub files filter install GF OU 2017.06.26 2020.07.13
    GitHub font preview install GF OU 2016.06.11 2019.06.07
    GitHub hide own feed meta install GF OU 2017.12.21 2019.02.16
    GitHub html preview install GF OU 2019.03.29 2019.04.28
    GitHub image preview install GF OU 2016.05.17 2020.08.08
    GitHub indent comments install GF OU 2017.03.15 2019.02.16
    GitHub issue add details install GF OU 2018.01.05 2020.03.19
    GitHub issue comments install GF OU 2016.04.04 2020.03.06
    GitHub issue counts install GF OU 2012.01.16 2019.02.16
    GitHub label color picker install GF OU 2016.09.16 2019.07.25
    GitHub mentioned links install GF OU 2020.03.28 2020.03.28
    GitHub reveal header install GF OU 2017.06.03 2019.03.29
    GitHub rtl comments install GF OU 2016.06.13 2020.07.11
    GitHub search autocomplete install GF OU 2017.03.31 2018.05.19
    GitHub sort content install GF OU 2016.07.13 2020.08.08
    GitHub sort reactions install GF OU 2018.02.10 2020.05.25
    GitHub static time install GF OU 2017.04.24 2019.02.16
    GitHub table of contents install GF OU 2016.03.28 2020.08.08
    GitHub title notification install GF OU 2016.03.24 2018.02.16
    GitHub toggle diff comments install GF OU 2017.12.10 2020.05.25
    GitHub toggle expanders install GF OU 2016.09.17 2019.09.02
    GitHub toggle wiki sidebar install GF OU 2016.04.01 2019.02.16
    GitHub unknown license install GF OU 2020.03.29 2020.03.29
    GitHub update fork install GF OU 2020.02.16 2020.03.19
    Gist raw links install GF OU 2017.05.19 2019.06.07
    Gist to dabblet install GF OU 2012.01.26 2017.02.16

    * The column indicates that the userscript has been included in the Octopatcher browser extension/addon.

    Deprecated Userscript Wiki Direct
    Sites Created Deprecated
    GitHub diff expander install GF OU 2018.06.09 2019.01.30
    GitHub issue highlighter install GF OU 2016.05.21 2018.07.26
    GitHub issue show status install GF OU 2017.06.02 2019.01.04
    GitHub remove diff signs install GF OU 2016.04.05 2018.07.31


Userscripts are set up to automatically update. You can check for updates from within the Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey menu, or click on the install link again to get the update.

Each individual userscript's change log is contained on its individual wiki page.


Please report any userscript issues within this repository's issue section. Greasyfork messages are also received, but not as easily tracked. Thanks!

Also check out the FAQ and known issues pages.


If you would like to contribute to this repository, please...

  1. Fork
  2. Make changes (please read the contribution guidelines and abide by them)
  3. Create a pull request!

Thanks to all that have contributed so far!

Other userscripts not hosted here:

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