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An explicit IV & PV curve trace calculator for PV system circuits

Model chain
Cell > Cell string > Module > String > System
Key Model inputs

Cell technology characteristics

Effective Irradiance (suns)

Temperature (cell temperature)

Bypass device configuration

Cell string layout

Build Status


PVMismatch is on PyPI. Install it with pip:

$ pip install pvmismatch


PVMismatch requires NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib. These packages are available from PyPI, Christoph Gohlke and Anaconda. You must install them prior to using PVMismatch.


Please see the documenation for tutorials and API. Bugs and feature requests can be reported on GitHub. The change history is also on GitHub.

Other Projects that use PVMismatch

System level mismatch loss calculator using PVMismatch tool (STC and Annual energy loss)

Citing PVMismatch

We appreciate your use of PVMismatch, and ask that you appropriately cite the software in exchange for its open-source publication.

Mark Mikofski, Bennet Meyers, Chetan Chaudhari (2018). “PVMismatch Project:". SunPower Corporation, Richmond, CA.

Please consider adding a # tag "pvmismatch" to a StackOverflow/Quora/LinkedIn/ResearchGate posts related to PVMismatch.

Current Maintainer at SunPower