Smart Enter in line comments in Sublime Text 2/3
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Bug was fixed in latest ST3. Probably still there for ST2.

Comments Aware Enter and Join Lines for Sublime Text 2/3

Hitting Enter in line comments will insert a proper indented comment marker for you. In its turn Ctrl+J (Cmd+J on OS X) joins comment lines removing comment markers and extraneous whitespace.

This plugin is for line comments only, so it doesn't work with block ones.

Thats cool, but can I use smth + Enter instead?

Sure, just add one of the following lines to your User Preferences:

    "linecomments_ctrl_enter": true,
    "linecomments_alt_enter": true,
    "linecomments_shift_enter": true,
    "linecomments_super_enter": true, // Stands for Cmd on Mac OS X

If any one of this options is used then plain Enter won't be captured, modified shortcut will be.