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This fight is about sustaining a culture of freedom and responsibility by accelerating the birthrate of NEW employer firms. The CAPITAL we build is open source.

  • There are three forms of uncertainty: mild, slow and wild. Most private action, trading and arbitrage occurs in the mild and slow realms. Wild uncertainty is not exactly out of control, but it is more appropriate for things of a public nature. The wild uncertainty of the Hydra is definitely self-replicating although it belongs to no one.

    Apache-2.0 Updated Jul 16, 2018
  • Crowdliness is a FriendOps dashboard for navigating the world of crowdfundors as well as the data APIs, government regulatory information, venture search engines, angel networks, one-on-one relationships and other important sources affecting all of the different affected parties that DRIVE the realm of startup capital formation and investing.

    Apache-2.0 Updated May 16, 2018
  • The objective of this fight is about sustaining a culture of freedom and responsibility by accelerating the birthrate of NEW employer firms.

    HTML 1 Apache-2.0 Updated Jul 12, 2017
  • Product Design Sprint Material for Lean Enterprise MVP

    268 MIT Updated Jun 22, 2017
  • Roll your own crowdfunding

    Ruby 1,717 MIT Updated Jul 12, 2016
  • GitHub Developer site

    Ruby 1,323 Updated Jan 27, 2016
  • Tendermint in Go

    Go 636 AGPL-3.0 Updated Jan 13, 2016
  • A repository of business plan presentations and the executable workflows built upon delivering those pitches for different industries based on the 10-20-30 foundation.

    1 CC0-1.0 Updated Sep 23, 2015
  • Highly-available, fautl-tolerant, geo-replicated peer-to-peer steganographic blockchain ledger datastore ... multi-layered market/financial information for accelerated negotiation/auction messaging, but nasty durable, just like ...

    Apache-2.0 Updated Sep 16, 2015
  • A Scalable, Geo-Replicated, Transactional Datastore

    Go 1,573 Apache-2.0 Updated Aug 31, 2015
  • An Observe-Orient-Decide-Act productivity application designed for the difficult, hyper-competitive environment that entrepreneurs must enjoy and thrive in.

    Updated Aug 28, 2015
  • URL shortening hobby kit

    Ruby 47 MIT Updated Apr 17, 2015
  • An Alloy Verification Model for Consensus-Based Auction Protocols

    Alloy 2 Updated Jul 22, 2014

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