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A Haskell implementation to send/receive MAVLink messages
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This is a library to generate haskell modules for the mavlink protocol.


Using stack

Build project using stack:

stack build

Generate the haskell modules for a given mavlink xml definition:

stack exec mavgen-exe -- -i <path/to/xml/definition> -o <output/path/for/modules>

For help with the mavgen tool:

stack exec mavgen-exe -- --help

Running the test

This is a sample application that uses the generated mavlink modules to talk to simple python mavlink server test/

  • First generate the haskell modules for the common.xml mavlink definition.
stack exec mavgen-exe -- -i test/common.xml -o test
  • Launch the python server to send and receive mavlink packets to the test application
python3 test/
  • Run the sample test application
stack test

See test/Spec.hs for example on using the generated haskell modules

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