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The official iOS app for SwiftFest
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This is the repository for the official iOS app for SwiftFest. Given that SwiftFest is a community driven conference, we feel strongly that any application we build should be open sourced. To that end, anyone and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the app.

Should you have questions, you can reach us on the issue tracker here, or in the #app channel in our Slack.


We have a list of issues in our issue tracker that you can begin working from. Pay mind to any conversations that are ongoing on issues in our tracker as they may impact the feature you decide to pick up. It's not a bad idea to let us know that you've decided to start working on an issue, either by mentioning us in a comment on that issue, or by posting in the Slack channel that we have.

If you believe that there is work to be done that doesn't have an issue, feel free to add it to the tracker and begin working on that, mentioning that you have done so to one of the contributors.

Once you've picked an issue to begin developing, make a feature branch for that issue, and begin development. It's expected that all new features added to the code base will have some accompanying tests. We're happy to help you out with the testing strategies for your issue, and if you're newer to automated testing, this is a great code base to get introduced to it. We strongly recommend a “test first” approach.

When you have believe you finished your issue, make a pull request to our master branch and mention someone to get a review. Provided everything looks good and we have no questions, we'll merge in for you. :)


All dates/times should be localized according to the user's preferences. All times presented in the application should be presented in EST since the conference will be in Boston.

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