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Website for a company I was working for (in an internship)
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What is this thing?

This is a website for a company I'm working for. Their current website can be found at

Why does it have this weird project architecture?

Because it's a Visual Studio 2017 project. I don't like it either but it was a requirement. You can, however, use any text editor to make changes to it.

How do I set this up in my local workspace?

To get this project up and running you need to install a few things first:

  • Componser: A dependency manager for PHP
  • NPM: A package manager for Node.js (Note that Node.js isn't used in this project, but it's still necessary because you can't install NPM without Node)
  • TypeScript: More specifically, the TypeScript compiler; Can be downloaded through NPM

I've just downloaded all of that cr**. What now?

Execute these steps:

  1. Clone the repo (if you haven't already)
  2. Open the command prompt on the folder cs-website/ (the one that contains the composer.json and composer.lock files) in the cloned repo
  3. Run composer install. This will download the PHP dependencies of this project. A folder called vendor/ should appear.
  4. Run tsc. This will translate the TypeScript files into JavaScript.

If you plan on editing the TypeScript files you can also run tsc -w, which will start an instance of the compiler that looks for file changes and then automatically recompiles the files.

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