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TextKey Tutorial PHP Site

This TextKey Tutorial PHP Site provides an example of how to implement login using the TextKey REST API.

You can find a functioning version of this Tutorial Site Demo at TextKey Tutorial Site. Please feel free to try it out.

Configuration Settings

The Tutorial Site configuration file is called config.php. The only item you will need to setup for the Tutorial Site is your API Key. Just replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual TextKey API Key:

** TextKey Settings
define('TK_API', 'YOUR_API_KEY');

NOTE: You can get a developer API Key by going to the TextKey developer site at TextKey Developer Site Registration and registering for an account. Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can get a Developer API Key by going to the user settings page (in the user menu on the upper left) and following the instructions on the API Information tab.

How the tutorial works

There is a full explanation of how this package works at TextKey Tutorial. You can find a breakdown of how the Tutorial works broken down into steps with details on each step.

More Information

To get more detailed information on the TextKey API Services or to investigate the API in more detail, you can refer to the following:

Contributing to this Tutorial Site


Please discuss issues and features on Github Issues. We'll be happy to answer to your questions and improve the Tutorial Site based on your feedback.

Pull requests

You are welcome to fork this Tutorial Site and to make pull requests on Github. We'll review each of them, and integrate in a future release if they are relevant.


A PHP TextKey tutorial displaying how to login a user via the TextKey REST API







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