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@github-actions github-actions released this 17 Feb 02:27
· 72 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

Other Changes

  • Add support to console worlds by @pharuxtan in #1864
  • Fixed Chinese world checkbox, version bump, and fixed the news for multiple versions. by @RussDev7 in #1866
  • Added an liquid amount dropdown to liquid mode. by @RussDev7 in #1867
  • Fixed the formatting of the wiring within WorldAnalysis. by @RussDev7 in #1868
  • Fixed time speed and difficulty creative powers. by @RussDev7 in #1874
  • Corrected chinese translation by @RBQcat in #1883
  • Fix reading an int where a uint should be read by @Kwonunn in #1886

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 4.15.0...4.16.0