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@TG9541 TG9541 released this May 26, 2019

New features

ADC support for STM8L devices

In #227 and #229 @Eelkhoorn provided ADC! and ADC@ for STM8L devices (e.g. STM8L051)

New bit addressing words

The following new words make efficiernt bit manipulation/testing easier, assembly programming often unnecessary:

  • ]B? turn bit into a flag (contributed by Manfred Mahlow)
  • ]BC and ]CB copy bit to C flag

New assembly interface words

  • >A, A@ and A> access to A register
  • >Y, Y@ and Y> access to Y register

More kernel constants exposed

Issue #243 improved the export of target dependent kernel constants, and introduced some new ones:

$0064 CONSTANT BASE    \  "BASE" radix base for numeric I/O
$0040 CONSTANT BGADDR  \  address of background routine (0: off)
$0350 CONSTANT BSPP    \  "BSPP" Background data stack, growing down
$007E CONSTANT BUFFER  \  "BUFFER" address, defaults to TIBB
$0076 CONSTANT CONTEXT \  "CONTEXT" start vocabulary search
$006A CONSTANT CP      \  "CP" point to top of dictionary
$0070 CONSTANT CTOP    \  "CTOP" point to the start of RAM dictionary
$0060 CONSTANT 'EMIT   \  "'EMIT" execution vector of EMIT
$0078 CONSTANT 'EVAL   \  "'EVAL" execution vector of EVAL
$0044 CONSTANT HLD     \  "HLD" hold a pointer of output string
$0066 CONSTANT 'IDLE   \  "'IDLE" idle routine in KEY (default: RET)
$007C CONSTANT >IN     \  ">IN" hold parsing pointer
$0330 CONSTANT ISPP    \  "ISPP" Interrupt data stack, growing down
$0062 CONSTANT '?KEY   \  "'?KEY" execution vector of QKEY
$006C CONSTANT LAST    \  "LAST" currently last name in dictionary
$3E80 CONSTANT OSCFREQ \  "OSCFREQ" oscillator frequency in kHz
$0068 CONSTANT 'PROMPT \  "'PROMPT" point to prompt word (default .OK)
$03FF CONSTANT RPP     \  "RPP"  return stack, growing down
$0320 CONSTANT SPP     \  "SPP"  data stack, growing down (with SPP-1 first)
$0350 CONSTANT TIB     \  "TIB"  Term. Input Buf. TIBLENGTH between SPPLOC and RPP
$007A CONSTANT #TIB    \  "#TIB" count in terminal input buffer
$0042 CONSTANT TICKCNT \  16 bit ticker (counts up)
$0060 CONSTANT UPP     \  "UPP"  offset user area
$0072 CONSTANT VAR     \  "VAR" point to next free USR RAM location
$0046 CONSTANT YTEMP   \  extra working register for core words

Tool improvements and bug-fixes

Continuous integration environment updated

The Docker driven CI environment now uses SDCC 3.8.6 including an improved version of uCsim (see #235 ).

Alias export improvements

  • #237 improved genalias.awk: there won't be aliases for headers that contain a NOALIAS tag (exposing code like dodoes only clutters the target/ folder).

More make targets

make can now fetch the STM8 target device name from <BOARD>/ New device dependent targets are defaults, readflash, readeeprom, and readopt.

Please note that the for some devices (e.g. STM8S207, STM8L) the opt defaults file in the /tools folder is still missing.

AWK issues fixed

  • @zcsahok provided a fix (43dcd7f) for binary and() in recent versions of gawk
  • #197 fixes use POSIX awk, don't rely on linux script processor path

Changes to

  • Merge pull request #252 from bademux/tool_dump2ihx_script (this replaces the AWK script with a much nicer python script)

  • fixes #235 sstm8 dump format update: fix for DOCKER-SDCC:V3.8.4 (2nd take)

Documentation improvements

VOC Examples added

With #130 Manfred Mahlow's VOC example for I2C was added. VOC and word list extensions were added in #241, and they have finally found their way into the Wiki.

More example code

Besides lots of Wiki edits and new pages, #233 brings some docs improvements in the source repository (e.g.
info for the STM8S001J3, example code in lib/ words improved).

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