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THEO Technologies

We don’t compromise on video quality or latency, nor should you


👋 Welcome, this is THEO!

THEOplayer delivers top-notch video playback cross-platform, whether your viewers are streaming on desktop, mobile, set-top boxes, smart TVs or gaming consoles. Leading media & entertainment companies choose THEOplayer to save time and money launching and maintaining their video app through premium features, out-of-the- box connectors for third-party DRM, ads and analytics solutions, open source UIs, premium performance on smart TVs, low latency video playback, access to our video experts for support etc.

THEOlive is a video API for high-quality real-time streaming at scale. It’s an end-to-end cloud-based solution for iGaming, sportsbooks and interactive entertainment, which includes encoding, packaging, CDN and playback. As it’s HTTP-based, it provides for a high viewer quality of experience, it can scale to any audience size, and you can even add studio-approved DRM!

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By the way, don’t forget to check out our developer docs, otherwise, you know where to find us!

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  1. react-native-theoplayer react-native-theoplayer Public

    A React Native THEOplayerView component

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  2. samples-android-sdk samples-android-sdk Public

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  3. samples-ios-sdk samples-ios-sdk Public

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  4. samples-html5-sdk samples-html5-sdk Public

    📚 Universal Video Player code samples for web

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  5. documentation documentation Public

    The developer documentation website for THEOplayer, Open Video UI and THEOlive.

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  6. license-and-disclaimer license-and-disclaimer Public

    Please read this document carefully before using, accessing, downloading, installing or otherwise operating any of the repositories available on the THEOplayer GitHub.

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