The Processing application for the Balanduino balancing robot
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Developed by Kristian Lauszus, TKJ Electronics 2012-2014

The code is released under the GNU General Public License.

This is the code I used to find the proper PID values or control the robot and see the IMU data on a graph. This enables you to change the PID values wirelessly without needing to reprogram the robot each time.

It can also be used to control the robot via the keyboard.

To communicate with the robot you need to select your serial port in the dropdown menu and then press on the button labeled connect.

The program is intended to be used with a Bluetooth serial port, but can be used with any serial port you like.

More information can be found at our Kickstarter campaign:

The source code for the robot can be found at the following link:

A video for the Kickstarter presentation can be seen below:

Kickstarter video presentation

A video filmed with a GoPro mounted on the robot can be seen below:

GoPro demonstration

For more information send me an email at