PS3 Bluetooth library for FEZ Panda, FEZ Rhino etc.
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PS3 Controller


The code is released under the GNU General Public License.
Developed by Kristian Lauszus

This code is no longer maintained, but fell free to fork the repository. 
Instead I focused on bluetooth support for the Arduino platform, as it will come to good use to more people. See my other repository for more details:

It works with all boards from GHIElectronics with USB Host functionality - FEZ Panda, FEZ Rhino etc.
All three PS3 Controllers are supported (Dualshock 3-, Navigation-, and Motioncontroller). 

For more information see my blog posts:
Or send me an email at kristianl at tkjelectronics dot dk.

You could also visit the official wiki: for information - also have a look at the original wiki: as well.

I have also uploaded several videos of it in action. Check out our youtube channel for details: