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Corpus of German Tweets from April 2013
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German April 2013 Twitter Corpus

This corpus contains a snapshot of German-language Twitter posts from the month of April, 2013. The posts have been automatically collected and filtered by language (see paper). The collection method guarantees a near-complete (>90%) sample of all tweets in German sent during that time period.


If you use this corpus, please cite:

Tatjana Scheffler. 2014. A German Twitter Snapshot. In: Proceedings of LREC, Reykjavik, Iceland. [Link to pdf]

How to Use

Because of terms of service restrictions, only the tweet ids can be provided. They have been extracted using twarc. You can rehydrate the tweets (= reconstruct the tweet text and metadata) using the Twitter API. Twarc provides functionality for this as well (rehydrate).

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