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TTimo commented Sep 9, 2012

We may not need the editor itself in 64 bit, but we need for the tools (q3map2, lighting stage in particular).

If we restrict the transition to 64 bit to just what we need, shouldn't be too much of a hassle. There has been a 64 bit Linux version for a while now.


TTimo commented May 24, 2013

Except we need x64 versions of all the dependent libraries, xml, png, jpeg, glib .. even for compiling just q3map2 ..


jdolan commented May 24, 2013

Are the GtkRadiant builds done natively or xc?

We're cross-compiling Quake2World for 64bit Windows here:


TTimo commented May 24, 2013

Native compile .. there's a lot of dependencies .. all of the gtk+ stuff, png, jpg, xml etc.
Trying to support Windows binaries through cross compile doesn't sound viable.

We've been using a pre-configured EC2 system to spit out Windows builds in the past, but I'm also looking at updating that.


jdolan commented May 24, 2013

Q2W requires glib2, but mingw packages for it were readily available. I think the only thing we had to crutch up ourselves for XC was PHYSFS. Obviously not as deep a stack as Radiant, but ..just a thought..



TTimo commented May 28, 2013

Decent progress on this. Grabbed x64 binaries for the latest gtk+, upgraded to a new jpeg9 with x64 binaries, now looking at a newer libxml2 with x64 binaries.


TTimo commented May 30, 2013

Experimental x64 windows binary of q3map2:

Overall it looks like a full x64 GtkRadiant build would be possible. But mostly we're interested by just the compiler being 64 bit.


TTimo commented Jun 7, 2013

The Windows x64 binary of q3map2 compiles q3dm7sample successfully.
The projects have been updated so the binary goes to install/x64/q3map2.exe along with the dependent x64 DLLs.

The integration is still a problem though. The easiest is probably to add a set of BSP options on the Windows version that point to the x64 version. The problem is that Linux doesn't care, since it's a full x64 and not a 32 bit editor + 64 bit q3map2 binary.



TTimo commented Jun 8, 2013

Obsidian recommended that we add a preference flag to select x64 q3map2 vs 32 bit q3map2. Changing the setting would require the project file to be regenerated, but that sounds like a good solution. Better than duplicating all the BSP command lists only for Windows.

The updated libraries are working well, putting together a new set of dependencies for GtkRadiant now, then will merge the MSVC2012 branch back to master.


TTimo commented Jun 15, 2013

Next build will default to q3map2.exe x64 for Q3 and QL. Still have to do the preferences thing.


TTimo commented Jun 15, 2013

Scratch that, I had time to work in the preferences toggle thing. Closing this!

TTimo closed this Jun 15, 2013

Nice work! 64-bit option seems to be enabled by default (I'm guessing it autodetects). <3


TTimo commented Jun 16, 2013

Nah actually it's just on by default. Autodetection would be nice I suppose. We'll have to document clearly to 32 bit users otherwise .. I'd be surprised if there are that many?


mrwonko commented Jun 16, 2013

I'd be surprised if there are that many?

Actually chances are many of those still sticking to idTech 3 are on old hardware, right? Well, no way to know for sure, short of adding a hardware survey to radiant. 😄

Will this thing work for jk2\jk3 as well?

0bsidian commented Jul 6, 2013

Yes. It works for any game that Q3Map2 supports.

I'm testing this for jk2\jka.

When I double click the q3map2 icon it says "missing MSVCR220.dll" and won't start. any ideas?


Mateos81 commented Jul 8, 2013

You need to install Visual C++ Redist x86 and x64:

0bsidian commented Jul 8, 2013

Also, you can't just double-click on the Q3Map2 icon, it's a command-line program. You need to pass it parameters via GtkRadiant's build menu or with a batch file.

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