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TYPO3 Console

TYPO3 Console (helhum/typo3-console) provides a clean way to register commands and a sane way to call these commands through the TYPO3 core command line tool called typo3.

Important information for longtime users

Since version 8.0.0 the extra binary typo3cms is removed and superseded with the core binary typo3. Commands that were called e.g. typo3cms database:updateschema before, must now be called with typo3 database:updateschema.

It ships many commands to execute TYPO3 actions, which otherwise would only be accessible via the TYPO3 backend. This makes TYPO3 Console a perfect companion for development, deployment, Docker setups, continuous integration workflows or anything else where automation is required or beneficial.

Examples for such commands are:

  • typo3 install:setup to completely set up TYPO3 from command line
  • typo3 database:updateschema to perform granular database schema updates
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