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Text-Tabs-Wrap is a port of the Perl 5 Text-Tabs+Wrap distribution to Perl 6. We changed the "+" to a "-" because the p5 code's licence required modified versions to use a different name. Also because it looks nicer.

Text::Tabs provides the expand and unexpand functions, which perform the same job that the Unix expand(1) and unexpand(1) commands do: adding or removing tabs from a document.

Text::Wrap gives you wrap and fill functions. wrap will break up long lines; it doesn't join short lines together. fill reformats entire blocks of text, similar to vi's gq command.

Current status (2011-03-16)

Works in Rakudo, most test will pass apart from a few TODOs relying on NYI bits of regex.

The modules will load in Niecza, but aren't quite working yet...

Building Text-Tabs-Wrap

We recommend using Pies, as it does all the work of module installation for you.

If you prefer to do things manually instead, you can run the test suite like so:

PERL6LIB="lib" prove -e perl6
prove -e 'mono path/to/Niecza.exe -I lib'


Takadonet did the initial porting work from Perl 5 to 6, and flussence rewrote everything to look nicer.

The original Perl 5 code was created by David Muir Sharnoff.