TangoBB is a project for a new and simple bulletin board.
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We have made the decision to discontinue any development of TangoBB for reasons that we will not state. However, the repository will still be open and it will still be under the MIT License for anyone who wants to modify or learn.

Thank you for your support over the past few years.

The new simple bulletin board.

Please note that this forum software will be as generic but a little complex on the theme design aspect as we want it to be very customizable for amateur web developers to learn. TangoBB is released under the MIT License.


The documentation can be found at the "Wiki" tab to the right!

Why are some classes named "Iko"?

TangoBB's unofficial name is "Iko". The project has since been rebranded back to "TangoBB" due to popular demand.


The theme repository can be located here.