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Reset cursor to approximate source position after reformatting in SSMS, VS and NPP #96

TaoK opened this Issue Apr 9, 2013 · 1 comment

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TaoK commented Apr 9, 2013

Algorithm something like this:

  • Determine the position of the start of the selection (start point)
  • Determine the position of the end of the selection (end point)
  • Determine the length of the selection (end point - start point = original length)
  • Determine the position of the cursor within the selection, in characters (original pos)
  • Get the formatted content to replace the selection
  • Determine the length of the new content (new length)
  • Determine the new position within the selection (new length * original pos / original length = new pos)
  • Replace the selection
  • Place the cursor at the required position (adding the "start point" to the "new pos" value to get the absolute position within the window content)

Suggested by Paul



  • go to end of current line
  • put in a special comment saving the your current cursor position--$$PoorMansBookmark@Colum-nn$$
  • Format the document
  • go to the special comment and get the cursor column position
  • remove the special comment
  • go to your previous column
@TaoK TaoK added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 20, 2013
@TaoK Issue #96: Part 2 (final): Return to (approximate) previous cursor po…
…sition after a full document reformat in SSMS / VS
@TaoK TaoK closed this Oct 20, 2013
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