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Web Applications
start TeamMentor.bat

Thanks for using TeamMentor from Security Innovation.

Current Master version: 3.1

This is the 'OWASP Library' version of TeamMentor.

This free version of TeamMentor is brought to you by Security Innovation (, and includes a small subset of content from the larger library available at TeamMentor Enterprise includes coverage for PCI-DSS, C/C++, Security Engineering, Client/Server, as well as the scalability and extensibility to deploy enterprise-wide. For more details about TeamMentor please see

This TeamMentor Library is focused on the OWASP Top 10 and contains 244 Articles convering the OWASP Top 10's Web Application Security Risks for 2010.

The Library XML files are released under a CC-BY License (Creative Commons Attribution) and the full version of the TeamMentor web application is released under a 'non-commercial-use' license.


If you want to run TeamMentor locally, just double click on the 'start webserver.bat' file

If you want to run TeamMentor from IIS, please follow the instructions at


The latest version of this TeamMentor instance can be found at:

In that GitHub repository, there are two ways you can download TeamMentor:

If you have Git installed on the target computer/vm, it is strongly advised that you use the Git Clone option (since that will allow you to easily get new updates via a simple Git Pull)


If you want to see this version in action, you can see it at