IDA Pro module for Toshiba MeP processors
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Toshiba MeP for IDA Pro 7.x

This is a processor module for MeP mostly generated from CGEN.


  • Analysis of the core instruction set + C5 additions
  • Basic data/code reference detection
  • Basic branch detection
  • Basic stack behavior detection

Not Supported

  • VLIW (including operation switching)
  • Co-processor instruction sets (adding support as a different processor module should be easy, but integrating it together and adding support for switching instruction sets will be akin to ARM/Thumb support)


Create a directory mep in $IDASDK/module with the files here. Then edit $IDASDK/module/makefile and add mep to DIRS32. Then follow the SDK's build instructions for your platform.

For Windows, make sure you have VS2015 installed and your IDA SDK installed to C:\IDASDK. You can then use the VS project file.

To regenerate the CGEN files, modify to point to your CGEN path and run it. Note that modifications have been made to the generated files here, so you may want to diff the changes first and add them back.


The code is licensed under MIT License as permitted by the special exception to GPLv3 specified by CGEN. The CGEN headers included are licensed under GPLv3, however the FSF said previously that headers does not count as derivative work.