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  • Insert list of ingredients and receive a list of optional recipes based on ingrediant list
  • Show optional youtube "how-to" videos on creating meals based on recipe name

Scope-expanding future ideas:

Necessary project items: +Two APIs needed

  • Must use AJAX
  • Must utilize one new library or technology not yet discussed
  • Must have a polished frontend / UI
  • Must meet good quality coding standards (indentation, scoping, naming)
  • Must NOT use alerts, confirms, or prompts (USE modals)
  • Must have some sort of repeating element (table,columns, etc)
  • Must use Bootstrap or Alternative CSS Framework
  • Must Be Deployed
  • Must have User Input Validation (the field is required, this is not a valid email address, etc)


  • Mobile responsive
  • Use an alternative framework like Materialize
  • Utilitze Firebase

Presentation Requirements:

  • Explanation of overall concept

  • motivation for its development

  • design process

  • technologies you used (and briefly how they work)

  • A demonstration of its functionality

  • directions options for future development (laundry list of cool possibilities)

  • MVP (minimum viable product, kind of a proof of concept)

-Metrics -Concept -Design -Functionality -Collaboration -Presentation (a unique pitch, powerpoint possibly?)


  • Stick to APIs that do all of the following:
  • Allows CORS (cross origins, look up)
  • Simple or no authentication
  • JSON response returned
  • Well documented
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