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TechnikEmpire Remove nuget junk, fix ipv6
Removed nuget garbage project.

Fixed issue with getting the origin process for IPv6 connections.

Fixes #17
Latest commit 659911b Sep 19, 2017



You may be interested in my other project, which is a simple PInvoke class for WinDivert. It does require unsafe code, but it's much less hassle than using this library. You can find it here on github.


.NET Wrapper for WinDivert, available under the very permissive MIT License. It should be noted that the library that this project wraps, WinDivert, is licensed differently. Don't forget to respect the license of WinDivert.


  • Wrap WinDivert in a managed, easy to use CLR library.
  • Provide helpful extensions for commonly desired tasks, such as the ability to identify the process behind a packet flow.
  • Win?

The tests from WinDivert have been ported and all tests are passing. First release coming soon with an upload to nuget.

Before trying to build, there's a very small amount of configuration required, all of which is explained on the Wiki page.