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* Did not like how `atom-haskligs` alters fonts, especially when editing
Markdown. It took me a while to figure out how to put things back.
now tells the reader how to do so.

* was missing the follow-up to installing the beautifier: setting it.
It now has that instruction.

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atom-haskell package

Curated set of packages for Haskell development with Atom. The package list taken from Atom-Haskell Documentation (not made by me :). Detailed configuration, documentation and much more can be found there.

This package installs the following for you:

Additionally it installs,

  • atom-hasklig throws in the nice Hasklig font
  • atom-beautify use this to beautify instead of ide-haskell, to avoid annoying red error boxes when you save a file with a syntax error (this can also beautify a plethora of other languages)
  • linter for prettier hlint/ghc-mod output
  • linter-ui-default which brings some UI additions for the linter
  • language-yaml for all those stack.yamls

any of which you can disable. If you don't like the way atom-hasklig alters fonts, uninstall it and clear the Font Family box in Settings (Preferences), under Editor.

Quick configuration

You will be prompted if you want to set some nice default configuration values for the installed packages. You will only be asked once, and you can dismiss this and later run it manually via the Command Palette and then Atom Haskell: Set Default Configuration.


To set up the binaries (except formatters) for the above you can run,

stack install ghc-mod hoogle hasktags pointfree pointful cabal-install

For formatters you have some choice between stylish-haskell, hindent and brittany, whichever you prefer. E.g.,

stack install hindent

Follow this up with:
Edit -> Preferences -> Packages -> atom-beautify -> Settings -> Haskell -> expand -> [your choice of beautifier]

Other things

Spacemacs-esque keybindings

A bit of a self-plug, but you might also like my keybindings package spaceatom-keybindings, if you're coming from spacemacs and still have that muscle memory.

Spacemacs dark theme

I also recommend the theme Spacemacs Dark, where I added some additional highlighting for Haskell. It is, as the name implies, inspired by the Spacemacs dark theme.

Screenshot of Spacemacs Dark Syntax

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