WoW Addon - Echos quest objective completion to your party
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Quecho is a simple addon design with leveling duos in mind. It helps you keep track of your partner's quest progress.

Both players must run Quecho for it to work. Players in your party not running Quecho will not be bothered with your quest info.

Quecho was written because I never level solo. I got sick of constantly asking my leveling partner if he had his quest items, or him missing when I accepted a quest and not grabbing it himself. Quecho provides a few basic features:

  • Chatframe notifications when your partner accepts, turns in, or abandons a quest
  • A second "quest watch" frame that shows your partner's progress on curent quest objectives next to the default quest watch frame
  • Automatic exchange of "Quest item: 2/200" messages as quests are completed

There is no config, if enabled Quecho will send addon messages, and display any it receives. Messages have a 5 minute timeout, and are automatically removed after that expires.