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QTA driver for Android app
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QT4A (Quick Test for Android) is a QTA test automation driver for Android application.


  • Support most versions of Android OS from 2.3 to 8.1
  • Multiple devices can be used simultaneously in a test
  • Support testing multi-process application, and multiple application can be tested simultaneously
  • Support testting code obfuscated application
  • Support testing with custom controls
  • Support non-root devices

QT4A should be used with QTAF, please check it first.


QT4A (Quick Test for Android),基于QTA提供面向Android应用的UI测试自动化测试解决方案。


  1. 支持Android 2.3 - 8.1版本
  2. 支持多设备协同测试
  3. 支持跨进程、跨应用测试
  4. 支持进行过控件混淆的安装包
  5. 支持自定义(自绘)控件
  6. 支持非root设备




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