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Clean and simple clipboard manager for developers
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Description: Flycut is a clean and simple clipboard manager for developers. It's based on an open source app called Jumpcut.

Every time you copy a code piece, Flycut stores it in history. Later, you can paste it using Shift-Command-V even if you have something different in your current clipboard. You can change the hotkey and other settings in preferences.

Developed by developers for developers.

Donation: If you like Flycut, you can donate here.

MacAppStore (outdated): Download from the App Store here

Note: the App Store version is not up to date - if you want the latest version with all the features, you will have to download DRM-Free version or compile Flycut yourself.

DRM-Free: Download latest DRM-Free version here

Contributors: Check the list of contributors here

License: MIT

Documentation: Help File


  • Big refactoring
  • Expose-like view of all clips
  • iCloud sync
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